The ocarina is a beautiful instrument which in the past has been limited in range, thus restricting the number of songs that could be played. Development of multi-tubed ocarinas solved this limitation, but also created new problems in harmonizing volume and airflow.

With considerable time and dedication, the Focalink International Limited research and development team perfected precise manufacturing techniques. In addition to expanding the ocarina's range, rigorous testing during development and stringent quality controls during production opened a new world in ocarina performance. These improvements include better tone, more consistent volume and smoother phrasing. These innovations have made Focalink the ocarina of choice for many renowned ocarinists.

Focalink, being a leader in international ocarina manufacturing, presents high quality products with individualized customization. Our professional team is open to a customer's every request.

Focalink pioneers a new era in exploring the possibilities of multi-tubed ocarinas.